Difference Between WBA and WBC

Difference Between WBA and WBC


The four organizations involved-WBC (World Boxing Council), WBA (World Boxing Association), WBO (World Boxing Organization), and IBF-wanted to retain boxing as a professional sport since it is a vibrant atmosphere (International Boxing Federation). Each organization has its own set of guidelines, rules, and champions who compete in various weight divisions.

Each group also has its own controversy and dubious decisions. On pay-per-view and television, boxing continues to rank among the most popular professional sports.

WBA and WBC stand for the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council, respectively. Both organizations are linked to boxing as a sport and engage in activities that let boxers to engage in official contests while bestowing boxing titles in various weight divisions. For boxing fights, both organizations employ both male and female boxers.

The National Boxing Association, which became the World Boxing Association in 1962, was earlier known as it. It is the oldest boxing organization still in operation and is regarded as a pioneer by its contemporaries. There are 17 weight classes for male participants, the same as the World Boxing Council, and the same number of weight classes for female competitors.

Adolfo López Mateos, the president of Mexico, formed the World Boxing Council on February 14, 1963, with the assistance of eleven nations: the United States, Argentina, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Like the WBA, there are 17 weight divisions for boxers, but there is an additional division for women: the atomic division.

The World Boxing Council is a place of innovation and contribution to contemporary boxing.

Post lists include:

  • Laps shortened from 15 to 12 laps.
  • Open a review.
  • Accidental breach.
  • Count 8 standing.

Given its origins and location in Mexico, the organization has come under fire for its tumultuous relationships with Mexican fighters and boxing promoter Don King.

Additionally, there are some areas where the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council disagree. The WBC has its list of Diamond Champions (there are presently three of them), where the title is in jeopardy in high-profile fights involving prominent boxers, whereas the WBA frequently names a super champion in unusual circumstances.

In addition, the World Boxing Council holds the title of Retired World Champion for current and former WBC champions in each weight category.

A title called “WBA Super Belt” is often awarded to a WBA champion in their fifth or sixth title defense.


1. The WBA and WBC are boxing organizations, but they differ in meaning. “WBA” means “World Boxing Association” and “WBC” means “World Boxing Council”.

2. The World Boxing Association is a pioneer among four international and professional boxing organizations. The World Boxing Council, on the other hand, introduced innovations and standard procedures in a boxing match.

3. The World Boxing Association has its Super Champion and the World Boxing Council has its Diamond Champion.

4. Both organizations have 17 weight classes and titles for male boxers. However, the World Boxing Association has 17 women’s titles while the World Boxing Council has 18 due to the inclusion of atomic mass splitting.

5. The World Boxing Council awards the Emeritus World Champion to the boxers on its own roster, while the World Boxing Association awards the Super Belta title to a WBA champion only for their fifth or sixth title defenses.

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