Messi is hesitant to compete in the 2026 World Cup at the age of 39

Messi is hesitant to compete in the 2026 World Cup at the age of 39

Lionel Messi is unsure if he will still be playing for Argentina in the 2026 World Cup, but he is certain of one thing: He wants Lionel Scaloni to continue serving as the team’s head coach until then.

The 35-year-old Messi guided Argentina to the World Cup triumph in Qatar last December, but he wasn’t totally sure it would be his last. When Messi is 39, the following edition will be held in Mexico, Canada, and the US.

In an interview with the daily Olé that was published on Thursday, Messi admitted that he has frequently indicated that playing in another World Cup would be challenging due to his advanced age.

“I enjoy playing soccer because I love what I do, and I will continue to do it as long as I feel healthy, fit, and can continue to do it. But until the following World Cup, it seems too much,” he told the publication. “I need to decide what I will do and where my career goes. Numerous factors influence it.

He made a suggestion that he wants to play in the Copa America in the United States the following year in order to support Argentina in their title defense.

I have to enjoy this, so I’ll stay a bit longer, he remarked.

Messi believes that Scaloni should keep his job as coach, and the two parties are now negotiating an extension of his contract with the Argentine soccer association.

He is crucial to the national squad, according to Messi. It would be fantastic if we could keep going with this process.

When asked how it felt to return to Paris Saint-Germain after Argentina defeated France on penalties to win the World Cup, Messi admitted he hadn’t had lengthy conversations about it with French star Kylian Mbappe.

After losing to Germany in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, Messi said, “One doesn’t want to discuss and bring the issue of the final.” He was speaking about his own experience. As someone who was on the losing end of a World Cup final, I didn’t want to discuss it.

Truth be told, Kylian is not the problem; exactly the opposite, remarked Messi.

Messi will represent Argentina in friendlies slated for Buenos Aires in March as the nation celebrates winning its third World Cup.

Source: https://www.arabnews.com/

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